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Shivoham! Shivoham!

Updated: Mar 9

Hey you, who is suffering due to the feelings of ‘mine’ & ‘thine’,

who has forgotten that he is Bliss Divine,

who is not just physical, but subtle & sublime,

who is the crown prince of this vast kingdom,

but has lost the awareness of his empire,

& blended it with attachment, distrust & desire,

Shivaratri is an opportune time,

when the Lord Himself descends & shines,

the light of truth, knowledge & brilliance,

to awaken & enlighten His children,

to fill the hearts with love & compassion,

to expand the idea of what is truly theirs,

to drop down the veil of ignorance,

and be able to see the magnificent beauty around,

to live in Anand & embrace one & all,

to live a life of meaning & purpose,

to be like Sun, Moon & Stars,

to be like the plants, trees & rivers,

to be like mountains & oceans,

to become Givers of such grandeur,

and be the protector of the vulnerable,

to be harbinger of a hopeful world,

where love & generosity lead the way,

where we enjoy Bliss Divine,

the hearts overflowing with piety & purity,

as we become aware of our ‘true identity’

Chidananda Rupah Shivoham! Shivoham!

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Mar 08
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