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Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – One Earth One Family

Happy Earth Day, ‘lovely being’!!!

It is a good day to pause, reflect & shift the essence of your existence from Human 'Doing' to Human 'Being' and allow the awareness that appreciates all the life in and around you to takeover. Be it the awareness of a falling leaf, whistling squirrels, buzzing bees, busy ants, chirping birds, trickling sound of water, cooling touch of morning breeze, sweet smell of a flower, butterflies dancing in the garden, the rising sun, the dewdrops on the leaf, the tickling sensation of grass under the feet, the soft glow of the moon, the twinkling stars or your train of thoughts.

It is a good day to slow down and just 'Be', to feel the interconnectedness of all creation and be grateful for the selfless, unconditional support of the Sun, the Earth, the trees, the plants, the rivers, the oceans, the animals and even the not so visible micro-organisms lend to us, by dutifully focusing on giving without discrimination or expectation, by executing their part in the eco-system, with perfection, while not being greedy or intruding.

Aren't we supposed to add to this harmony and augment this grandeur? Can we expand our perception of ‘me & mine’ and embrace Mother Earth with all its creatures as ‘One Big Family’, as our Rishis proclaimed:

अयं निजः परो वेति गणना लघुचेतसाम्।

उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्॥ Source: Maha Upanishad 6.71–75

Meaning: This is mine, that is his, say the small minded,

The wise believe that the entire world is a family.

Love & Light!

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