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Meditation Class

My Approach

We are born whole and the core or essence of who we are is whole, always. As we progress on this life path observing and learning from the world around us, we get deeply conditioned and lose touch with our original wholeness. But I firmly believe that each individual has the potential to be whole again. And when placed in favorable circumstances, one is driven by the tendency to pursue his full potential too.

Here, my purpose is to provide you with a safe, nurturing, accepting environment that covers your needs from Nurture to Heal, enabling spiritual unfoldment, to discover your true potential by embracing your unique gifts and abilities.

Our work together will facilitate a shift in perspective about the world you experience. The focus would be on helping you grow from inside out, become resilient to external conditions and thrive. There will be help at every step of the journey, to support you in reclaiming your own power.

Anandoham is a space committed to realize the Possibility that exists in You.

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