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Spiritual Growth

“Spiritual growth requires the development of inner knowing and inner authority. It requires the heart, not the intellect.”   Gary Zukav

Our Spiritual maturity has tremendous implications on the way we live, love and relate to one another. True Spiritual growth helps one to rise above the duality of agony & ecstasy, desire & aversion, like & dislike, pleasure & pain while establishing one in eternal joy & peace and helps us unearth unconditional love & compassion for the self & others. With perseverance you:

  • Begin living with Higher Awareness

  • Strengthen your connection with Higher Reality

  • Become more authentic and calmness becomes your second nature

Effort fired by your inner zeal, is the fuel that keeps you moving forward on your journey of personal and spiritual evolution. Of course, it would help to know what qualities, disciplines, and practices will help you realize your spiritual nature. So, here’s support as you apply spirituality in your day-to-day life and seek guidance in navigating your journey ‘within’ and nurture your spiritual side

If you wish to live a meaningful, rewarding and loving life, beginning your spiritual journey is not only important but crucial.  I welcome and encourage you to set yourself sail on this voyage to discover your true, authentic self. I assure you of my presence as you course-correct your life’s direction onto the path that is most meaningful to you and in direct alignment with your inner guidance and resources.

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