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Megha is a very knowledgable individual who has studied well-being from multiple perspectives. Being a yoga-loving person myself, my conversations with her have revolved around Yoga, and how can I extend my practice to be more holistic. Like going beyond asanas, and so on. Also, her perspective on life is fresh and very helpful for a lost millennial such as me! Many thanks to her for sparing time to guide me on this journey of self-discovery!

Mr. Chopra, Pune
I came to know about Anandohom and their goals through an advertisement. Initially very hesitant even to contact them. However, being trying to find peace within myself, made a call, but again out of hesitation, disconnected it. To my surprise, Anandohom, called back and through that conversation, my journey with Anandohom started. My Counsellor, Ms Megha, listened to my conflicts and very patiently explained the methods of gratitude, affirmations, yoga and contribution to society etc. Following them changed myself completely from negativity to positivity, from conflicts to peace and overall outlook towards life and society. Thank you Anandohom and Ms Megha.

                         Mr. Chauhan, Retd IAAS, Delhi NCR
Thank you so much Madam. Overall experience was very warm and welcoming. Also, a big thank you for your quick response and valuable suggestions.


Image by Sebastian Dumitru

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