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You can create your Happiness with what you have: Happiness is an attitude and not an object.

The handwritten letter to PM Modi, from 11-year-old Polish girl seeking return to India, is what got me thinking this morning.

In her handwritten letter, Alicja Wanatko said “Hindustan” is where “all her friends, animals, school and happiness still is”, and that she misses Goa where she lived, the beautiful nature and mostly the cows at the animal rescue centre where she volunteered. "I know my animals will be so confused without me and I cannot sleep without feeling angry or upset,” she wrote.

As I read closely, I find that she is just referring to Friends, Animals, School and Nature for her Happiness. And that is too small by any ‘Human’ standards to make for 'Happiness'?

It makes me wonder what makes Children so easy to please? Is it because they live in the moment, are not preoccupied with plans for life, carry no grudges and are not trying to be perfect? And what made this 11 year old so clear about the ingredients for her Happiness, while we adults run from pillar to post throughout our lives and still find it missing?

Is it adversity that make us wise? Having lived a life full of privileges that we often take for granted, we forget what really makes us Happy. We try to find Happiness in objects, experiences, our expectations from our loved ones and overpowering others. Though these may bring passing happiness to some for sometime, their nature is transient. After having obtained the object of our desire the meaning of Happiness takes a different form and the chase never ends. It is during tough times that individual's attention goes towards his/her basic necessities that will keep her happily afloat, and that is what the little girl has been able to pinpoint.

So for a moment gather yourself, take a deep breath and be grateful for this very moment in which you are still alive, sitting comfortably in an AC room as the temperature outside is busy scaling new heights, being able to do what you set out for in the morning and some of us lucky to hear playful sounds of children in the background too, now is the time to spread your wings and fly. Instead of depending on others and objects for your Happiness take charge of your own Happiness. Think about how you can contribute to make this moment better. Figure out what is it that is stopping you from enjoying this moment, acknowledge it and let it go. And you will emerge Happier than before.

Go ahead and create your happy moments give a compliment to your colleague, way to a pedestrian/ manual labour, quench the thirst of a living being, buy something from the poor, cuddle your child, a smile to a stranger, an ear to someone who you think needs to be heard, you will yourself feel being filled as you try to fill others up. And remember none of these cost a thing but just your loving thought.

True Happiness needs to be lived in every moment and is difficult to chase in material things.

Stay Happy Always! and do comment below to let me know what made you feel Happy today?

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